Gim Jaban

Savory and crispy dried seaweed to enjoy a delightful, healthy snack.

Package Size: 70g



Corn oil, seaweed, roasted sesame, sugar, sesame oil, glucose, olive oil, salt

Product Features:
Laver (or gim) is an edible seaweed classified as red algae and is generally smooth and delicate in texture and is rich in iodine, iron, and other minerals. Parae gim is known as green laver because it's mixed with another seaweed, Parae. It has an herbal flavor and a smooth texture. Our Parae gim uses100% Korean domestic laver that was cultivated in eco-friendly clean seas and was skillfully toasted with sesame oil at optimal temperatures to give it a great herbal flavor and to lessen the bitter taste of Parae seaweed as well as to give it an extra crunchy texture. It maintains the same savory flavor as the original, but with less salt and thus a less-salty taste.
Allergy Info:
Expiration Info:
12 months
Serving Size:
1/4 pack
Amount Per Serving:
Calories 110 (Calories from Fat 72)
Total Fat:
8g (13%) / Saturated Fat 1g (5%) / Trans Fat 0g
0mg (0%)
130mg (6%)
Total Carbohydrate:
6g (2%) / Dietary Fiber 3g (12%) / Sugars 3g
3g (6%)

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